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Anonymous said:
did you code your episode tags page yourself?if not could u post the link and if yes could you consider adding credit and posting it as a theme, its really pretty:)

hiiiiiiiiiii!!! first of all, thank you!

second, no i didn’t make the theme! i wish i could actually make themes but i guess i don’t really have the patience for that hahah here’s from where i took it! (pss you should check out her other themes because they’re all amazing!)

Anonymous said:
do you make edits?

occasionally, not really to be honest. i just sometimes edit photos and screencaps!


AU where cas and dean subtly look at each other from across the room instead of practically salivating over each other at every waking moment


A sinister kid is a kid who
Runs to meet his Maker

The dreams we have, the love we share
This is what we're waiting for...


dean trying his best to cheer up cas

like cas will be moping around the bunker, his lower lip stuck out a freaking mile and his shoulders slumped towards the floor as he mumbles on about how everything is his fault and how he’s just a soldier and dean is having none of his shit

so he tosses an arm around his shoulders and puts on his best shit eating grin and says, “well, if i’m the righteous man like you say i am, and you’re my best friend, then wouldn’t that make you the righteous angel?”

and cas would blush scarlet and shake dean’s arm off his shoulders and just look so baffled that he would sputter for a few seconds just searching for words. he’d cough, then swallow, then nonchalantly push his hands in his pockets.

"i’m the furthest thing from righteous," he’d say.

and dean would just tsk and shake his head before framing cas’ face with his hands and forcing cas’ eyes to meet his own. there would be a blush, oh yeah, and that terrible-wonderful butterfly feeling in his gut when he watches the bob of cas’ throat as he works down a swallow, but it wouldn’t matter.

"you’re an angel,cas.” he’d thumb over cas’ stubble. “and not the kind that goes around torturing for fun-“


"shut it, cas." dean would grin before ducking in to push a light kiss to cas’ lips. "you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, yeah?"

he’d wait until cas relents and nods his head before continuing with a grin.

"well," dean says, unable to keep the fondness from his voice. "you better start believing it ‘cause it’s true."

✩ ★ ✩  I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet 
I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars ✩ ★ ✩


Knights of Hell are hand-picked by Lucifer himself. They are of the first-fallen, first-born demons.

"It was too preposterous, not to mention arrogant. Writing yourself into the story is one thing, but as a prophet? That’s like M Night level doucheness.